Skydiving in Switzerland!


Hey[br][br]Im looking at the optional excursions for the Europe Unplugged trip. And i was just wanting to know if anyone else has done the skydiving in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. [br][br]What’s it like?? Can you take your camera on the jump?? Is it worth the money???[br][br]Camilla


is the skydiving availible on the europe uncovered tour??? it’s not in the optionals?


hey[br][br]by the looks of things the europe uncovered travel into a different area of switzerland. [br][br]im going to a place called Lauterbrunnen.[br][br]Camilla


yeah it wasnt listed in our optionals either but a few ppl on the tour did it! it was so awesome! we watched the movies made on the bus the next day!! wish i had of done it - but im scared of heights!! lol (I frozeon the eiffel tower too lol)[br][br]u cant take cameras up, but they do film it for u :slight_smile: does cost a bit to do it and for the video, but well worth it!![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


fantastic - might have to see if its do-able on our trip! ta! kt


Im going on the spirit of Europe and we stop in at Lauterbrunnen and one optional extra is the skydiving. [br][br]My best friend and I are deffinatly doing it. Whhoohoooo[br][br]Spirit of Europe 23rd June 2009


ha har! good stuff Tahlia…[br]have a great time on your tour - all this talk is making me more excited for my trip![br]11 sleeps - YAY!


yeah i think ill do the skydiving! [br]it does look brilliant!! and is a once in a lifetime experience! [br][br]if any of you guys do the skydiving can you let me know how it goes and whether its worth me doing, as i dont go on my trip till the end of August. [br][br]enjoy your trips!! [br]cant wait for mine![br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


[br]Does any one know if it is possible to do the skydiving and the trip up the mountain?[br][br][br]Rebekah[br]European Pioneer 3rd Sept - 8th Oct


i dunno on that one, [br][br]from reading my daily itinery it sounds like we go up the mountain on the train and then we can decide whether we do the trek or skydiving. Will have to find out as i really want to go up the mountain and see the waterfalls and ice palace, but also want to do the ski dive.[br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


Hey,[br][br]I arrived back from my tour yesterday, and if you guys are going to Lauterbrunnen you are in for a treat, the highlight of my trip.[br][br]I did the jump, so freaking awesome! There is nowhere else I would have rathered do a sky dive for the first time. You soar through the sky over the Swiss Alps, so much better than some random paddock back in Australia![br][br]I doubt you can ggo up the mountain AND do the skydive. There was a lot of waiting around involved with the skydive.[br][br]DO IT DO IT DO IT![br][br]I nearly changed my mind the day before, would never have forgiven myself if I had not have gone throug with it![br][br]Let us know if you do it![br][br]I am going on the Spirit of Europe trip, leaving April 28th 2009.


Wow! sounds amazing!! did you get video footage of your skidive??[br][br]Another quick question…do you pay for the optional extras on the day or do you have to pay in advance?[br]What other extras did u do on your trip?? Any tips??[br][br]Im so excited about my trip![br][br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


I am pretty sure you can only choose one, either mountain or skydiving - as there is not enough time to do both.[br][br]And I am pretty sure that you pay for optional extra’s on the day. Deffinatley not at the start of the tour.[br][br]Spirit of Europe 23rd June 2009


TOTALLY DOIN’ IT!![br][br]Blair[br]European Pioneer July 09’


you can go up the mountain and do the jump, but u just dont et as much time up the mountain :slight_smile: thats what the people did from our tour![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


brilliant!! [br]cos i really cant decide what i’d rather do. [br][br]how was your tour?? any tips or highlights you can share with us?[br][br]Camilla[br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


OK! Sorry I have not been on in a few days…[br][br]CAM1034 - The video was a sore point. We were there on a public holiday and they only had one guy qualified to carry the camera (two people jump each time the chopper goes up) so I let some of the others get the video. It’s pricey, but you will regret not getting it.[br][br]You pay for the optionals on the driving days, your tour leader will talk you trough them then walk through the bus and get money from you (though the skydive was just a deposit, tey fix up the balance when you do the jump).[br][br]I’m not sure what tour you are on, but te best optionals in my mind were…[br][br]Fat Tire Bike Tours (it’s an optional in Paris, but a lot of us went and did it ourselves in Berlin as well, very cool way to see a city)[br][br]Schnapps Museum in Vienna, cheap and lot’s of fun (and plenty of free booze).[br][br]Vatican City tour (tough it takes a large chunk of your day in Rome).[br][br][br]You don’t really get a choice of when you do the jump, the company sort of tells you the day before (for me it was relly late the night before). It just would have not been possible for me to do both.[br][br]Go to the pub in Switzerland, it’s a heap of fun.[br][br]I can’t think of many tips…[br][br]Don’t sleep in on your free days, get out there and make the most of it.[br][br]Be prepared for long driving days.[br][br]Be prepared for a cold, you will get one.[br][br]I don’t know what else to say! Unless you have specific questions. It’s (Topdeck) a great company and all the hassle is taken out of it for you - just make the most of it![br][br][br][br]I am going on the Spirit of Europe trip, leaving April 28th 2009.


thanks so much for that!! [br]sounds like you had an amazing time! Im doing the Europe Unplugged trip at the end of August! So still some time to go, but im so excited about it!! [br][br]I think i get all the excursions that you mentioned, so will make sure i do them! [br][br]thanks so much for the advice!! [br]Camilla[br][br]Europe Unplugged[br]22nd Aug - 12 Sept 2009[br]


Hey guys[br][br]I just got back from the european pioneer and I did the sky diving, it was the absolute highlight of the trip! So amazing! Best view over the mountains and definately the best way to see them. We had the option of doing both but then we would of had to take the train up early and only spend a little bit of time at the top. I got the video and the pictures which were pretty expensive but definatly worth it! I have watched the dvd a few times and it brings back the memories perfectly.[br][br]If you have the funds or even if it totally smashes the budget I would suggest you definatly do it![br][br]European Pioneer [br]Apr 30th '09


I might have missed this, but roughly how much are the video and pictures?[br][br]Europe Unplugged Aug 09