Skiing at Easter


I am looking at going skiing at Easter time - has anyone been to the resort at Les Deux Alpes? Does it have good snow coverage? [br][br]I went to Austria last year and we had to get bussed to another town to ski as ther hadn’t been enough snow! I really can’t be bothered doing that again![br][br][br]Elle.


According to the website it’s guaranteed natural snow because the resorts on a glacier or something. And its the French Alps which have had pretty good snow this year anyway, apparently.


Hi guys,[br][br]I am happy to announce that the Easter ski coach from London is guaranteed! Book now to secure your spot.[br][br]As far as snow goes, Les Deux Alpes does boast guaranteed snow all year round! The hostel our trips stay at is located just a 5 minute walk from ski lifts, which take you up to ski on Europe’s largest skiiable glacier. The only time you’ll be bussed elsewhere is on our optional day trip to the ski slopes are Serre Chevalier (included in your lift pass), to give our intermediate and advanced skiiers a chance to try some new runs.[br][br]But with 100 pistes at Les Deux there are plenty of runs for everyone to choose from.[br][br]We hope to see you guys there - and maybe teh Easter bunny too![br][br][br]Amelia Lawrence[br]Festivals, Events and Ski Manager[br]Topdeck Travel


The resort is fantastic, i was the driver on the last easter ski trip and it was in mid April, still plenty of snow on the slopes and it even snowed while we where there!!![br][br]There is a bar/resturaunt on top of the mountain at 2000m called the Pano Bar (awesome dance tunes…everybody dances in the snow…) and plenty of entertainment in the valley…trust me , u will have the time of ur life…i might be doing this trip as well this year…:)[br][br]Only downside is u wont want to leave…:([br][br]Ur adventure starts wen u kiss the family goodbye…!!!


Hey, I am going at easter. Looking forward to it.



Hey guys, hope everyone is getting excited…im sorry to say i wont be ur driver for this trip anymore, slight change of plans but never fear , we have another awesome driver to take my spot…“husqy” as he is called is a barrell of laughs, and im sure hell keep u guys entertained…enjoy ur trip… ;D


:slight_smile: hi all im thinking about doing this tour … have never ski`d before and would be coming alone

is anyone else travelling alone & also are you good skiers??

Thanks Lisa


I am also thinking of doing this tour if I can get the time off work and I have only ever tried down hill skiing once so am a novice! I was looking at doing a contiki Ski trip, however I like the sound of the Top Deck one as it seems to include more.


Im going :slight_smile: never skied before but cant wait :slight_smile: have you all skied before?? im travelling from london! x


I’m going on this trip too. I´ve skied a lot before since I’m from Norway but I have never been in the French alps . I’m travelling from London.


I ended up going last year and it was AWESOME! I spent hardly any money when I was there, because practically EVERYTHING was included (brekkie, lunch and dinner;lift pass; lessons; ski hire; etc) and the ski rep who was there had been in Les Deux Alpes all season so she was super-helpful and friendly. the hostel was pretty basic (but not dodgy!) and there were some wicked people on the trip.

DO IT! You’ll love it!!


Cool! I love skiing see you on Easter.:slight_smile: