Ski Queenstown July 2016


Anyone doing the Ski Queenstown July 10th? :slight_smile:


Hey I’m considering doing this tour :slight_smile:
Although I’m definitely not a professional snow skier, I’ve only ever done it one other time, not sure if ill be able to keep up :worried:


Awesome! Was starting to think I may be the only one joining this tour haha. I have never seen snow before so I definitely will be struggling to keep up! Did you enjoy skiing the first time you did it? :slight_smile:


I really want to do it but i’ve never been skiing before so I’m worried i’d be getting lessons whilst everyone is out on the slopes! I would also be going on my own and was hoping there’d be others that aren’t in groups. Haha I’m super keen to learn though, and the activities look like they’ll be great fun :slight_smile:


Oh good I wouldnt be the only one haha. Well I used a snow board which I liked, took me a little while to get the hang of but when I finally did, I had so much fun.
I’d be travelling alone too! And Im sure after a lesson you’d pick it up pretty quickly :slight_smile:


I’ll be on my own as well! I will be getting lessons too definitely haha I am more keen to give snow boarding a go too, hopefully won’t take too long to pick up on, but I am not very coordinated haha. Yes! So many activities, I’m looking forward to checking out Milford sound and meeting new people! :blush:


Yeah lessons would be good, I think I’d go with snow boarding again too. I just looked up Milford sound and it looks so beautiful! Where are you guys travelling from?


I just looked it up too, looks amazing! Do you think you girls will hire your snow wear there or get it before you head over? I’m travelling from Australia :slight_smile: how about you guys?


It looks like a pretty place hey! I have bought some thermals and a snow jacket and pants already but from what I have researched the pants I have may not be waterproof enough for hours on the snow so I might hire a pair there and hire everything else I’d need :slight_smile: what about you girls? I’m from Australia too! What about you Jacinta? I’ll be in Queenstown from the 7th of July so if either of you will be in town then, let me know! Would be good to have someone to explore the town with before the tour starts :slight_smile:


Im from Aus aswell! :slight_smile: That’s a good idea, I’ll definitely be buying thermals! and most likely hire the rest. Oh nice, I haven’t booked anything yet but I might aswell book this date too so I’ll know of someone else going haha. Have you booked anything yet Laura?


Awesome! Yay book it! :slight_smile:


I haven’t booked yet but i’m just trying to sort out flights so i’ll probably book in the next couple days :slight_smile: I think i’ll try and get there a day or two before to do some sight seeing too!


Sounds good! Let me know how you girls go and if you’re in Queenstown before the tour :slight_smile:


Ill be booking this over the weekend! Im thinking of getting there a day before the tour starts too. Have you booked your accommodation for those first few days at the same place as the tour?


Oh ok, thats good then :slight_smile: I’m all booked! I get there the day before the tour starts, so Ill have a little spare time to look around and settle in! It will be so much fun!


Cool! Just message me on here if you want to meet up before tour to look around with someone! :slight_smile:


Hi! Im from aus too and going alone so there will be some single travellers :blush:im arriving the day before and staying at same accomodation as the tour. I find on these tours there are alot of singles and some couples so i aouldnt be worried about that. I have never skiied before so getting excited!! The price for snow clothes is expensive so i might even hire clothes while there


Hey everyone,

I’m booked on this tour and travelling solo! Cannot wait to meet you all :slight_smile:

I am also arriving a day before however, I’ve booked into a hostel for the night as its a little cheaper!!! Would be keen to meet up before hand if anyone wants to grab a fergburger or something :slight_smile:



Hey Bec27 and Speacock ! Happy to hear more people joining the same tour :slight_smile: And that some haven’t skiied before either! I will definitely be keen to meet up before, I will be there a few days before so I will suss out some cool places that some people may like to check out too! I’ll definitely be in touch on here to organise an easy meeting spot and time that suits for anyone who is keen to meet up before :slight_smile:


hi does anyone know if the tour includes ski gear rental? Sorry team im booked tour starting July 29 :slight_smile: