Ski New Zealand/Queenstown


Hi just seeing if anybody else is doing the ski new Zealand trip on the 30th July - 5th August 2017?
I’m travelling from Perth Australia and travelling solo, also haven’t seen snow before so will be a definite rookie on the slopes haha.
also plan on doing all the extra stuff like skydiving and bungee :slight_smile:


Hi Andrew, I am thinking of booking the same tour! I’ve skiied a few times before - I am sure you’ll pick it up super easy! Will you be in Queenstown before/ after the tour to?


Hi Brittney, I will be arriving a day early on the 29th and leaving on the 7th, so just going to spend the days exploring/looking around. Will have to get some ski tips off you haha, when are you going to be there?


hey guys i’m thinking of booking this trip, i’ve never been skiing in my life so i’m very excited! i’m 19 and from melbourne australia


Hey Bianca, definitely keen as well! Taking a GoPro to film the stacks haha, are you going to stay after the tour??


hahahaha 100% bringing mine it’s going to be such a laugh to watch! do you think it will matter if we haven’t got a clue how to ski or snowboard?


I don’t think so, the first 2 days you can do lessons if needed (I will need this haha), I’ve read it’s cheaper to buy a ski jacket too rather than hiring!


Hi! I just booked onto this trip also :slight_smile: I am also travelling solo from Canberra. I’ve skied twice and found it pretty easy to pick up one you learn how to slow down and stop haha


Hey Courtney! Awesome I’ll see you there :slightly_smiling_face:
What’s easier snowboarding or skiing??
Are you getting there before/ staying after the trip?


Hey Andrew. I have only skied and that was almost a year ago so can’t compare unfortunately :grimacing: I’m flying in on the 28th and out on the 7th


Hey Guys! Hopefully you’re all getting excited for the big trip! My brother and I were supposed to go on this tour together but looks he will be unable to come now. So now I’m a lone wolf traveller but still keen to show how awful i am on the slopes. I second the idea on lessons. I’m staying an extra night prior to the tour starting. Would be cool to meet some new faces on the tour. Cheeeers :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:


Hi everybody, I am also coming in a day early so I have decided to spend the night at The Pub On Wharf at 88 Beach St. I have never been to Queenstown so it should be fun to wander around and see the sights before the actual ski trip starts. :slight_smile:


Hey Mitch and Darren, will see you both there, have to catch you for a couple of brews tomorrow night​:beer:, I’ll be looking for somewhere to eat and wandering around for the day, I’m staying at the Lakeview holiday park for entire trip. See you there :grinning: