Ski New Zealand. 23 July trip


Hey, I’m booked, I’m nervous, but excited, anyone else going on this trip. Solo traveller from Australia


Hi Dan,

I’m thinking about doing this trip - just waiting on leave approval before i book! Super excitied!!


Good luck getting approval. I’m leaving from the Gold Coast on 22 July. Where are you leaving from?


Hi there,

I am thinking of doing this trip solo as well. I am 26 and from Brisbane :slight_smile:


Hi Shay
Looks like there are a couple of us solo travelers.
I booked direct from Gold Coast to Queenstown $600 return, including luggage etc, with Jetstar.


Hi, I’m in the same boat! But I’ve found a direct flight from Gold Coat to Queenstown for $448 at Haven’t booked it yet however


Hi Dan,

Can you see a few solo travellers have booked on the app? I am just waiting for my leave to be approved now :slight_smile:


How can you tell on the app? I can’t see anything about people going.
When will you find out about your leave?
I got a few things in the Aldi sale ski wear sale. It’s getting exciting now


Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m leaving from Sydney. Solo Traveler too! :slight_smile:

what day are you flying out from QLD?


I’m leaving 22nd July, get to Queenstown just before lunch. I haven’t booked my accommodation for that night yet. I’m thinking a back packer, just to step out of my comfort zone a little more :flushed:


aw awesome! are you leaving the day the trip ends (29?)?

I haven’t booked accommodation for that night either! asked about pre night accommodation its $170 for the night at the Queenstown Lakeview Holiday Park so not sure if i want to spend that much on one night accomm.


Yes, I’m leaving 29th. I have booked at Nomads backpacker, it’s right in town, 4 share with Ensuite $37.
When are you leaving ?


Me too 29th 6pm fly out. Oh that isnt to bad at all! i was looking at cheapish hotels this morning. might book a room in there so close by if there isnt anything left.


I booked through Expedia, no upfront payment and free cancellation until the day before


please join this group if attending this tour :slight_smile:


Great job.