Single vs couples


i was just wondering how many singles and couples go on tours. I am hoping to do my tour next year and i am a single… i dont want to be a 3rd wheel tho… and i may be travelling on my own (scary!!)


I am going on a winter getaway tour on the 31st Jan with my otherhalf. [br][br]I am sure it will be half couples and half singles, but i am expecting more singles on my tour than couples. [br]


Hi Guys,[br][br]Roughly half of our travellers embark on their adventure with us on their own so you should be fine.[br][br]Best,[br][br]Anita


thanks :slight_smile:


hey i did a tour by myself in july and there were only about 4 singles and the rest were couples or in groups but everyone is so nice and up for a good time they are nice to everuone and make singles feel so welcome so yeah its always nerve racking but once your on tour its all about having a good time! ha hope that helps!


On the tour that I was on from June 2-July 8, there were six couples in the tour in total out of 71 different people.