Sinai Horizons


Hi everyone[br][br]Booked on the Sinai Horizons tour a few days ago leaving on 27th June. Yay! Looking for anyone who is goin on this, or has been on it, or anyone with tips for a Topdeck Egypt![br][br]Ruth


Anyone!!! Just noticed the tours now guaranteed departure so that means theres more than just me![br][br]Specifically though, i’m intrigued to know the hotal the tour stays at if anyone knows Also the best currency; I’m British, and have heard many places take US dollars, but its better in terms of GBP to change into Eygyptian pounds…![br][br]And one more…Visas! Will I be guaranteed getting a visa on arrival?[br][br]Cheers guys :)[br]


Im from Aus and have been told to get your visa before you leave, then you have no trouble when you get there and you dont have to stress if you cant get one!!! Better to be safe than sorry!


Hi there, I did a Contiki tour through Egypt last year. As far as the visa goes I would STRONGLY recommend waiting until you are there. We just joined a queue and paid US$15 for ours when we arrived, very easy. The people who had prearranged them had paid so much more to get it done, they felt really ripped off when they saw how easy it was to buy on arrrival.[br][br]Red Star Special[br]26 July 2009


Hey guys,[br]Visa’s are all different for different passport holders. An NZ passport holder could easily get a visa that a US passport holder might takes weeks to get hold of.[br]If you are a UK passport holder then I would just get your visa on arrival, just make sure you have enough local currency or US dollars to pay for it (and a little bit more).[br]US dollars are always freely available to change and the rate doesnt fluctuate too much.[br]Sam[br][br]Sam Greaves[br]I love to travel, But hate to arrive


Hello, [br]I went on Sinai Horizons in December. I’m from Canada and got my visa on arrival, someone associated with topdeck met me at the airport and helped me get my visa and dropped me off at the hotel.[br]On my trip the tour Sinai Horizions joined the tail end of the tours Essential & Discovery Egypt.[br][br]A mistake I made was thinking I could use my credit card, no where i went in Egypt had the equiptment to process credit cards. It’s a third world country.[br][br]As for currency, I exchanegd money from CDN$ to Egyptian pounds at home before I left and I took $30US in one dollar bills and that was very useful.[br][br]Charliekat


Hey Charliekat[br][br]Great to hear from someone who’s done then trip. What did you really think of it? What were the hotels like? Optional trips to recommend?[br][br]Ruth