SIM cards


After spending 2 days on trying to work out which is the best travel sim for my iPhone4 while in Europe, I am completely confused & would love some help from your experiences. I am heading to Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, England, France. Only wanting a sim for calls, will use free wifi for data. All calls will be back to Australia. Thanks


I am not going to that many countries, but I’m using TravelSim. My parents did a trip all around Europe and used TravelSim and loved it. I have just set mine up for my trip in July that I’m going on. TravelSim have been heaps helpful in the process of setting it up, it’s self explanatory but when I was confused and emailed them, they got back to me on the same day. Then I had a follow up phone call to check everything is going ok.

I’d recommend TravelSim (even though I haven’t actually used it for myself yet!)
Good Luck!