SIM Cards


:-/ I am totally confused about what to do re a sim card for my phone. I see that Topdeck offer a global sim, has anyone used it? what did you think?? Cheers, Heather


im in the same boat ^



Hey guys

I’m getting a micro sim (iPhone4) from GoSim… I found their rates and coverage etc to be pretty good…


awesome, thanks Carly, I will have a look at that in the coming days :slight_smile:


I decided to go with Top Decks global sim as it was the cheapest :slight_smile:


how did you get the voucher number? i have tried to get the sim but wasn’t able to find a voucher number… i used my booking reference just in case but no go. Help


I didn’t like the one provided by TopDeck. I would recommend buying the International Student ID because it comes with a free one and LOTS of free features.


Hi Jen L- I initially had that issue, but when I get my booking info electronically and clicked on that link - instead of the link on the Top deck page, it came up with booking reference there.

Hi Stephanie, I managed to get my sim free (when I purchased credit). I probably should have done some more research first but I leave in one week so I was desperate lol. I will pass that info onto others though :slight_smile:


Did you get it shipped to you? If you are leaving so soon? Or are you picking it up somewhere there?


Hi guys, I used the ekit sim from top deck. The rates are pretty reasonable and there is a number family can call if your in Aus or Us and it costs family nothing and charges us 49c a minute.

Text messages are 70c and call rates vary depending on which country you are in, I found Europe to the be cheapest:)

They send the sim out to your home address with a booklet that tells you every thing.
It’s easy to recharge too, you can call up a number at anytime or get online and recharge. There is also an auto recharge option.


I mean family are calling you from Aus or Us calling you overseas:)