Sim cards in europe?


Hey guys,
Just wondering what others recommended in terms of sim cards in europe. Im taking my own phone and i want to get a sim that will work most if not all places. Im doing the grand european so i go to a few different countries and i dont want to have to go searching for a new sim ever country i go to. One with a decent amount of data would be good.
Thank you :smile:


If you are starting in London, I would try Three network. They have a Feel-At-Home offer where you can use your phone in certain countries for no extra cost. You might not have it for every country but its better than nothing and really easy.

I usually rock up to the Three Store near Trafalgar Square, opposite Charing Cross Station and ask for a sim for Pay-As-You-Go All in One 25. Cost about £30 and you get unlimited data in the UK and heaps of phone calls and messages. When you travel to Feel-At-Home destination, you get 12GB data, phone calls and messages for the month.

If you are travelling for more than a month, buy a top up voucher in London as you need a UK credit card to buy online.

Hope this helps.

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Feel at Home FAQ

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There are lots of options, the easier ones tend to be the more expensive ones though :-). Picking up a local SIM is generally the cheapest. The easier options cost more. Europe has been pretty aggressive at cutting (out) roaming charges recently so getting a SIM in one European country and then roaming with it elsewhere in Europe can be a good option.

I’ve used this site in the past. The Austria one is a 3 SIM that works in a few different countries. The New Zealand one is a 3 UK that works in a few more countries with a lot more data (and costs more).

eKit have been around for a while (Contiki actually supplies one of their SIMs in their packs, at least they did last year) and they have lots of options. They’ve never really seemed that cheap to me though.

I now use this really neat sticker thingy from KnowRoaming that you apply to your current SIM and when it detects that you are overseas it takes over from your normal SIM. Again not the cheapest option but it works in heaps of countries and the SIM swap is done automatically/in software so it is really easy to swap back and forth between your home SIM and the KnowRoaming “SIM” (amazing how small it is too!).


Hey I was planning on doing same but now probably just winging it off wifi!


I would recommend a sim card. Im on my trip now and lots of people didnt get sims and have had to rely on wifi. Its not thst great everywhere especially with 30 people trying to connect at once and you dont get much on the bus. 3 do a good sim card covers france italy spain swizterland austria. Apparently lebara have one that does a few more. Its been so much better having a sim with 12gbs to use rather than attempt to connect to wifi.


I would maybe get one if I could use in UK and Europe but don’t think I can


The 3 mobile one is a uk company. I paid £20 at a vending machine in heathrow and got a sim card with heaps of calls and texts to use within the uk plus unlimited data and then 12gb that was for roaming in certain countries. Its been great


Hey @Teegs95 did you purchase that sim card in a vending machine at the airport? I’m heading over for the first time in a month and don’t want to wander aimlessly around London trying to find a 3 store haha


Hey! Yes when you are about to head outside to the trains or tubes theres vending machines. The sim cards come in all 3 sizes so doesnt matter what phone you have as long as it is unlocked.


Just checking out 3 mobile sim, with the £20 pre paid sim did u still use in countries not included in feel at home. Like Germany, Netherland, Czech? Thanks


No you have to have actual credit to be able to use it in those countries (the ones im in now) you can topup but youd need to buy thr voucher first cause you cant do it online unless you have a credit card registered in the uk. When you buy the sim it just has all those add ons but no actual initial credit. If that makes sense? Therr is another sim through lebara that is similiar but includes more countries but we didnt find out about that until it was too late and i dont remember seeing any sims for them at the airport


Picking up a local SIM is generally the cheapest. The easier options cost more.