Sim cards for travelling or WiFi?


Hey everyone. I am doing the spirit of Europe tour in May and I was wanting to know of other people’s experiences, how was the WiFi in the buses?
It is worth buying a travel sim and where would you recommend to buy from?


In my experience, the wifi was good in the bus, and most places we stayed had wifi also. I guess it depends on how much you want to use your phone.


Im doing a longer tour in May and have been considering a sim from Three Mobile in the UK which can include roaming across most of Europe. The travel sims seem quite up there in price, especially those with a high limit or unlimited data.


It depends on how much days you will stay in Europe. If your tour is not very longer than you can relay on the WIFI but if your trip is longer than you have thing about the travel sim. But in my personal opinion WIFI is better. :slight_smile:


I’ve just finished a similar tour, on the coach you only get 750mb which most of us went through pretty quickly.
All places had wifi, except Switzerland & Prague we had to pay for it.
I got a 3 SIM card from the UK (can’t buy it in Europe) and if you do the £25 top up you get unlimited data & it works all through Europe.
Hope this helps!


Hi Lauren,

Did you organize everything while you were in the UK including the sim? Or did you get it sent before hand?



Hi Josh
I did the Spirit of Europe last year. The tour was amazing! You’ll have such an incredible time, overall the tour was of a very high standard, however the WiFi on the bus didn’t work at all, there was internet access at most places we stayed either for free or either at a small cost. I wasn’t too worried about the lack of wifi, there were plenty of places where you could pick up wifi in each country. I had a travel sim but there wasn’t a huge need for a travel sim card, depending on how much you use you could get away without one


Ok cool thanks
I did have a look at some sim cards but for a decent data plan £119 seems a lot lol.
I might have a look when I get there but sounds like I don’t need a travel sim :slight_smile:


750 for the entire tour? Wow…


Also just a note that 3 UK does actually have a 12GB limit on data roaming, so not unlimited - even if you top up with extra data :frowning:.

Also if anyone particularly wants/expects 4G, they only support 3G roaming.