Sim Card


Hi Guys,

I am just wondering if anyone has tried the ‘Roaming Sim’ brand sim card for their travels overseas.

Would love to know if it is easy to use, and good value?

Also, i believe we can get a free sim card with our topdeck reference number. Does anyone know if this can be purchased as soon as we book our tour, or do we wait until the 4 or so weeks before the tour when we get the information pack?

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi. Once The tour is booked and you have your booking reference number you can order the sim card. If you used a travel agent they should be able to tell you what your reference number is.


Save yourself some $$$ and wait until you get over there… you can pickup a sim card from most general stores and there rates are a lot better than the ones on offer over here…


Hi! I always use roaming sim card Travelsim ( because by using it you can avoid high roaming charges + you don’t have to get local sim-card in every country you visit :slight_smile:


i got a international sim and rates where quite good,i think its just to hassle to get a new sim card every time we in new place


Are international sim cards worth it?
I’ve only used a local SIM card - which wasn’t any more hassle as far as I could tell.
The thing I’ve noticed over the last year is that roaming charges are on the decline, which is great.
I see that the EU is getting rid of charges altogether by 2016 (still a way off yet).
If you’re traveling to NZ, both Vodafone and 2degrees have a SIM package for visitors. 2degrees call theirs Visitor SIM and Vodafone call their Travel NZ SIM. Use Google or I live here, so I haven’t used them, but they look to be handy options.
Share your ideas on here if you have used either one.