Sim card


Hey - does anyone know what the best and cheapest sim card to use while in europe??


ekit? not sure if its the cheapest but it seems to cover the majority of countries =]


I got the Global SIM that Top Deck “supply”. They are affiliated with them and it definitely looked like the best deal.

Check it out :slight_smile:


I kept researching this before I left, I bought 02 simcard off ebay then recharged in London when we landed! In all honesty it was pretty useless because once you ran out of credit there was no way to recharge unless we were in the UK (ofcourse we discover this after leaving the UK). Travelling through different countries was a little difficult to buy a new simcard (especially if you only speak english and they don’t) so in the end I just used my Australian mobile no. that was on a plan. I am with Crazy Johns and I only msged with my phone to avoid excessive roaming charges. I also found out while monitoring my usage online that alot of my msgs were actually coming out of my cap plan and not being added onto excess charges. Overall I spent about $30AUD in excess of my plan for the 5 weeks overseas (I did send quite a few messages). Whereas I spent 20pounds that I recharged the 02 sim and it lasted about a week. So if you go with a simcard based in london make sure you have someone in London that can buy your recharges or stock up before you leave the UK otherwise I believe it was just as cheap to use my Australian plan overseas. But if you plan on calling people and using data well you might need to have a look at something else. Hope that was a little bit helpful.


I got this one:


thanks all! really appreciate it!. Ive decided to go with global sim. i found it was a good deal. hope so anyway :slight_smile:


If you are traveling to one specific country in Europe then you probably should buy a local Sim card. However if you are going to go to several countries in Europe the you should buy a traveler Sim card aka roaming Sim card. There are several roaming Sim cards on the market today, and you should ask yourself what so you need it for. If your going to use a lot of data (for instance your Ipad) then you should buy a data Sim card. If you’re going to just use it for making and receiving calls the you should buy a traditional Sim card.
I personally use a traditional Sim card for calling only and for data I use the free WiFi offered in (most) hotels.
The Sim card i use is called Telllink Roaming ( No complaints so far, always worked great. The best thing about it is the free incoming calls! B-)