Sim card


Hi All

Does anyone know if the Topdeck free sim works on an iphone as they use the ‘micro sims’?

If not does anyone know a good company that has micro sims for iphones while in europe



im interested in this one too



I emailed ekit over the weekend to find out about this. They said they have micro sims to fit iphone 4. If you need a micro sim you have to order through their website, then as soon as you get an email from them with your order number you have to email them with your order number to request a micro sim. It’s important to email them to request the micro sim ASAP to make sure they get it before they send your order to you.

There is also another company called Travelsim that has been mentioned on these forums before. They have micro sims and can be used in Europe. They have cheaper rates than the free sim from Top Deck but you have to pay for the sim so whether or not it is better value would depend how much you plan to use your phone.