Sick of waiting


sick of waiting for the new brochure have been to every travel agent twice and they stiil have no clue to when it will be out for australia. im getting really annoyed.


Hi Ash,[br][br]We should be able to advise you a release date soon. You can pre-order the new brochure if you want to: please just fill out the form on our brochure page
[br][br]& we will send you your own copy as soon as it is available.[br][br]Alternatively, we are also exhibiting at the Discover Europe FC Expos & the Backpacker Expos where we’d be happy to see you at the Topdeck stand.[br][br]Best regards,[br][br]Anita


I hear ya ash84. Topdeck seems to be the last one to release their new info![br][br]Which option do we pick on that page to pre-order? I only have up to Spring 2009.[br][br]Also, will the information be released in Canada at the same time as in Australia?[br][br]Thanks.


just rang topdeck and they said the brochures have already been released and should be in travel agents any day now


Hmmm I wonder if that’s Canada as well. Seems we always get the short end of the stick and wait until December.


well… if the brouchers are out shouldnt the new dates be updated onto the website?


well that what i thought too but went every where there full of crap im pissed[br]


Me too!! I want to chose a date before i go to the expos so that i dont have to waste time and get a good flight!! even contiki has updated their webpage!


hey i just got the broucher from flight centre if anybody wants some dates and prices just ask. the prices are in NZD tho


Tarra, you’re a doll. I don’t care as much about the prices, but could you get me the dates for the Northern Exposure tour in the end of April to August time frame. [br][br]Thank you!


okay the dates are:[br]17 May - 7 june, 31 may - 21 june, 7 june - 28 june, 14 june - 5 july, 21 june - 12 july, 28 june - 19 july, 5 july - 26 july, 12 july - 2 august, 19 july - 9 august, 26 july - 16 august,9 august - 30 august and 23 august - 13 sep. these are all the dates and the guaranteed depatures leave on the 17 may, 14 june, 28 june, 12 july, 26 july and the 23 august. hope this helps if theres anything else you want to know just ask. :slight_smile:


yyaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy it’s hereeee! hoooraayy!!!


i know lol its taken long enough!!!;D what tour are you looking at doing?[br]


Yay Tarra, hero haha. What tour are you thinking of doing?


i have just booked the mega european tour for 30 august next year! :slight_smile: lol i know its a long way to go but you just cant not take advantage of 10% off!! Cant wait. have you chosen your date yet?


Oh nice nice. That should be a pretty epic trip.[br][br]I think it’ll be the July 26 Northern Exposure. I just want to see the Canadian price and try to figure out the sleeping bag aspect haha. [br][br]I’ll be in Europe for four months though, so we may run into each other somewhere else!


yeah that would be nice. im staying in london for a week after my tour and also going down to galstonbury for 3 days. what else are you doing in europe


I’m going to Ireland, Scotland, England (including a few days in London, mostly so I can fly out of the London airports), Turkey, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and then of course the Scandi countries (plus probably Latvia).[br][br]I might also be going to Wales to visit some friends, and if so, Luxembourg will probably have to be cut from things, which makes me sad.[br][br]When are you doing your trip?[br][br]Oh hey, are you going to Glastonbury for the festival, or just randomly?


well i start my trip on the 30 august and it finishes on the 15 october but im going u to glastonbury on the 17 oct and coming back on the 20 i miss out on the festivval i think.[br]you are going to have so much fun seeing all those places - i don’t have the money to stay for that long thats why the long trip but im hoping to go back to europe once ive finished my degree :slight_smile: then i can spend ages there lol


Ah I see. Well we probably won’t be in the same place at the same time as I’m heading home in early September from Croatia. [br][br]That should be a nice time of year to be there though, Munich for Oktoberfest?[br][br]And thanks for mentioning Glastonbury haha. Now I’M going to the Festival (if I can get tickets). I completely forgot about it but have always wanted to go.