Shuttle from Heathrow to UMI?


I was wondering if anyone knows anything about any shuttle bus from heathrow to UMI? If so what are the procedures?[br][br]I was considering the Heathrow Express but there is just something about being able to see London when I first fly in on my way to the hotel… I hope someone has some information.[br][br][br]Jennifer U.S.


Hey there,[br][br]You could try its a shuttle service and door to door so alot easier than dragging your bags on the Underground. Im going to use them when I go next month:)


YES, i definitely recommend shuttle bus![br]Most tube/train stops dont have escalators or lifts![br][br][br]Sandy[br]Essential Europe 29th Sept - 10th Oct 2009


Take the Heathrow Express to Paddington station and take the underground one stop to Bayswater. The Paddington station is 15 minutes walking distance to the Umi Hotel. 19.50 E cost.


Thanks everyone… That website was really helpful… especially with the maps of the terminal to find it