Should i make a asia tour in this summer?


I’ve read alot about asia. And i want to come here.

What country should i chose? Vietnam, Malysia,Thailand, or China (this time i don’t really like China because i hear and saw too much bad things about this national)

About money, I think i can book a tour less than 500 dollars for my trip.


What you think if i asked you to travel India rather than these countries you have mentioned. In India there are lots of hill station like Shimla, Leh and Laddakh etc. Come here and enjoy your summer.


Perhaps you can consider Thailand say Bangkok or Phuket…
Thailand is the most tourist visited country in Asia
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If you would like to visit and bath in Sea then don’t hesitate to come in Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar. You will enjoy a lot here. Have a very good day.


Yes, Absolutely why don’t try going to India which has the Amazing tourist attractions where it is stunning and best place to see. One can have pretty much fun over there.
The more a person travel the more person discover a lot and oneself.


Plan a India tour in summer is one of the finest option as there are many hill stations to visit. wheelzonrent


I think this summer you can book your ticket for Malaysia. Here you can see many beaches.


I would like to suggest you to visit the following countries in your summer trip:
Sri Lanka
I hope this will be helpful for you.:smiley:
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Yes, India is the best place to visit in Summer. Here is the bunch of some popular places to travel for Summer Holidays in India
Jammu & Kashmir
Himachal Pradesh
Nainital & Mussoorie
Horsley Hills
Andaman Islands
Mount Abu

For any query visit at


I am sure that Vietnam is great for you. With 500$ you still can visit many destinations of this country. Or you can find an agent offering group tour to make sure that you can find a trip with a low budget. You can consider contacting this agent, they are specialized at luxury cruises but also offer group tours in Vietnam for low-budget travellers.


Vietnam is really a good destination to visit in Southeast Asia. The country is popular among visitors due to its pristine beaches, Buddhist pagodas, babbling rivers, etc. The country is not too pricey and according to me, 500$ are enough for a week there. So if you really interested to visit there, then Viet Cruise Tours is the best choice for you. Online booking facility is also available on their website -


Well surely you can plan a asian holiday this time but keep in mind that this is summer time and most of the Asian countries are hot so travelling is not easy. you can choose so colder regions like upper Himalayan vacation and in the south you can go to Vietnam, Singapore, Maldives etc.


summer would be the finest option to visit India.
i suggest you to have road trip to various hilly area , must rent a car by wheelzonrent.
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Service fees in Vietnam is reasonable and I think you can book a tour way less than 500$ so that you can save your money left to travel Thailand or Malaysia after.
Check out Vietnam Itinerary for more information about appealing destinations


Why don’t you try Indonesia, especially Bali, Lombok, Raja Ampat, Jogja. go google search 'em first, then if you are interest, we could talk some more about it


Don’t skip Vietnam as your travel priority. I strongly believe you will marvel at the beauty of Hanoi,Ninh Binh, Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Hoi An. Futhermore, the price is reasonable. You don’t have to worry about budget and security.


Thanks for your information and suggested itinerary in Hanoi and Ninh Binh. It turns out that I’m not the only one who is confused about where to go. Thanks to you, I remember one of my friends used to travel Vietnam with this company and she was happy with that. It will be under my consideration when travelling Vietnam:grinning::grin:


If you have the extra time you can always have a Thailand Expedition, a very wonderful and perfect place for a vacation. You can also check Himalayan Treks if you’re looking for a trekking experience here in Asia!

Anyways have a blast at your trip! Hoping for your very best in your vacation :slight_smile: