Should I buy eiffel tower tickets now?


Hi! I’m going on the European Odyssey in july and am wondering if it is worth buying tickets online for the eiffel tower rather than risk the possibility of a long line up? I don’t want to spend most of time waiting in a line.


if you get there before it opens you should be fine bacause having tickets before you does not garrentie you a afst entery those line can be sometimes longer than the other ones my adivce get there before it opens


Thank you :slight_smile:


If you have time check out the viewing/terrace platform of montparnasse56 (it is the big black building standing out in the middle of paris).

When I went 2 years ago it took me only a couple of minutes by lift - there was no line - to get to the viewing platform and the views over paris are unbelievable and an added bonus is that you actually get to take in the eiffel tower as part of the landscape.


i believe you can purchase a cue jumping ticket at a slightly extra cost. Im doing the Odyssey tour too - in sept. Apparently its easy to buy so dont stress if you want to wait till your over there, that way your not locked into it should you change your mind or something unexpected pops up.