Hi All,

What type of walking shoes does everyone reccomend? Will converse be ok or do you really need ‘sneakers’?

Any advice would be great



I’d really like to know this too. I was just thinking of bringing a pair of vans for long walks.


yeah im just going to take a pair of vans… im stuck on whether this would b good enough for up in the swiss alps tho?


Hey guys

whatever you bring just make sure that you can walk for miles in them!!! cos if they are not the most comfortable shoes you will be a cripple!!! I took a pair of sneakers and a pair of birkenstocks and had no troubles what so ever. most people has sneakers and comfy walking sandles and one pair of dress shoes.


I recommend either Vans or Cons. I have done both and they both worked for me. Sneakers are probably better on your feet but Vans or Cons look better in photos :wink:

Just don’t spend too much, by the time you are done with your trip they will be very worse for wear, plus my last trip I had to chuck them at the boarder anyway.


Pair of comfortable trainers with a similar spare pair will do. Took 2 pairs for 3 months travelling and the only time I had to change for a few days was when my main pair got flooded when I went to Stonehenge on a day of torrential rain.


What about if you’re going on a winter tour? I was thinking of sneakers but not sure if these will be too cold? I’ve never been in the snow


im taking my normal running shoes i wear at the gym. a pair of flip flops and a good pair of going out shoes that will be flats


Having done 25 days in Europe last year I can’t stress how important it is to take some decent walking shoes. I wore skate shoes and my feet were aching after the first day in Paris. I would suggest some sneakers, cross trainers or a semi hiking shoe for those big days (Paris, Rome, Amsterdam)… I’m heading over again next year and will not be making the mistake again!
You’ll be fine in any enclosed shoe in the Swiss alps, even when your on the mountain your indoors most of the time anyway.


i plan on taking a pair of sketcher bike shoes which look like good comfortable walking shoes, thongs and a pair of dressy flats


im going to europe in winter and i brought myself a pair of boots lined with wool with sneakers on the bottom, if that makes sense?

im also going to bring going out shoes, sneakers and thongs :slight_smile:


hey peoples,

im taking a pair of shoes my sister got from kathmandu. there like sneakers but durable and waterproof. they will set you back a few hundred. she took these to europe in 2006 and said that everyone had joggers and they got soaked and that it was miserable. im taking these shoes and only these shoes lol.


I took Scarpa trail shoes, those cobblestones hurt!


I was thinking about a pair of snow/ski boots that are designed for walking. Thongs are a def for the showers in hostels…


Hey, i spent 11 weeks travelling around the world this year from July-September, took a pair each of heels, birkenstocks, runners and havaiana thongs. I wore the thongs HEAPS, they were very comfortable and birkenstocks i wore a bit, they were a sandal style, also comfortable.
I don’t reccommend heels at all, i read heaps of these about heels and thought i’d try it but i regreted it, i think i wore them 3 times all up, a complete waste of space. Very uncomfortable wandering around in them. I even got away with wearing my thongs on a night out in Prague! I ended up buying a nice pair of flats to go out in.
Runners i wore every now and then, i don’t think enough that i would take them again.
Hope this helps!


taking flip flops flats and runners. been told the cobblestones arent that great to walk on


I’m getting some light breathable hiking type walking shoes for the everyday stuff to give me comfort and support.
Then jandals (flip flops to those of you that don’t know what jandals are hahaha) and some flat dress shoes for any ‘nice’ evenings out.


I have a pair of really good walking/hiking shoes from Kathmandu that I will be taking, a pair of flats (maybe 2) & my jandals :slight_smile:


I wear Easy Spirit Shoes very comfortable for women. I do not know if men know about Easy spirit. For men I prefer Gucci boots. It looks like athletes but gives good comfort in all season but the price is little bit high but I prefer Easy Spirit shoes a very reasonable price that gives comfort for our legs.


I think New Balance Men’s MW877, ASICS Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4, NIKE Men’s Air Max Dynasty are the best walking shoes for men. And I am wearing the Nike shoes now.