SHOES - winter?


Hi All[br][br]Just wondering if there is any need for special shoes for Europe Sept - Novemeber weather, for a 2mth trip or if they r just superfluous and I should just cop soggy/wet shoes. I was originally going to take sneakers and leather boots but now I am having doubts…[br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Athens - Prague[br][br]Oct2-Oct18


Depends where in europe you are heading. I was in Nice last September and the weather was very warm and humid. I just lived in comfy thongs. However, i ended up in the north of Germany on the same trip and copped some cooler weather where i could have got away with boots. The Mediterranean climate is much like Oz. Cold and wet in winter and dry and warm in summer. At the start of your trip you might like lighter shoes like thongs (also handy to wear in showers if you are on a hostel tour) and by the end in November you may like to wear boots. If i was you pack a pair of thongs/sandals, a pair of ballet/flats and a pair of sneakers/skatey shoes (optional for a pair of going out shoes, eg heels if you wear them at home). Then if you need boots you have the PERFECT excuse to shout yourself to a nice pair of European leather boots!! ;D;D


haha thx ! i was thinking something like that actualy, grabbing my boots from europe but i havent figured out where! halfway through my trip i make it to italy, so i was thinking thats probably the best place to buy them?? =)[br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Athens - Prague[br][br]Oct2-Oct18


I have heard Florence has amazing leather![br][br]Andrea


Yep Florence is amazing. I went there in 2006 and the markets are MASSIVE! I bought an amazing leather belt and wallet and even though i use them both almost everyday they are still going strong! We even had a tour of a leather factory and told how to spot fake leather jackets from real ones. Definitely the best place to buy!