Shoes/Clothes & in general, how much to pack for USA?!?!


Hey everyone!!

I’m doing the Stars and Stripes tour starting October 25th and then continuing on the Southern exposure tour straight after until the 26th of November.
Could I please have some advise on the types of shoes, clothes and how much in general that people packed :slight_smile:

So excited, don’t want to over pack or underpack though :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch!



Hi, I’m not going to the us on my trip but I have been to the states many times… what month and states are you going to…



I’m pretty much going everywhere.
starting off in LA, las vegas & san fran then up to new York, Nashville, Chicago, new Orleans, Miami, charlotte & Washington :slight_smile:


For that kind of year I would suggest jeans and normal jackets and some summer clothes, maybe 1 really warm jacket depending how far into December you get. from memory it was normally pretty warm during the day around 23 but when the sun goes down it gets cold pretty quick and you want a jacket.

I went to Vegas mid year and it wasn’t warm really. But November it’s getting cold in New York, San Fran, and New Orleans…let me check my pictures and we what months I was there and get back to you.


Yep New York, LA, New Orleans and San Fran were pretty cold.
I suggest jeans\pants , tops, think jacket and if possible a really warm winter jacket and a scarf and beanie. Not sure how long your at each place though… but it’s more the wind chill that gets you.
Miami was pretty warm during this time from pics.
I was in shirts and a singlet.
But it all depends also on the order of when your going too, if ny is up first it won’t be so cold.

They usually say on the list what to pack so if it’s similar to my list then it’s pretty right.