Shoes and Sim cards in Europe


just a quick question being female and traveling in summer what shoes should I take on my mega Europe trip. i plan to hike in Switzerland boots or just closed in shoes.
and is there some type of Sim I can use in most of Europe I have no issue with changing Sims but I don’t want a new phone number every country I go to.


Top deck give you a sim car if i recall, so im guessing that will cover most of europe if not all of it.
as for shoes, id just say a sturdy pair of enclosed shoes


You can get “walking” shoes from most camping and outdoors stores. They are not at heavy as a hiking boot but are pretty good.

As for sims - I had an international sim card when I went last time and ended up spending a lot of money. When I was in the UK the phone I brought with me died so I had to get a new one and you had to get a phone and sim together. 10 pounds lasted me like 2 weeks with texting and calling back to Aus - and i think you can use them in most european countries.


Don’t bother getting a sim here… get one once you get here… hell of a lot better value!.. like here you can buy sim and recharge cards everywhere… (most corner stores have them).