Shoe Dilemma!


Okay, so I’m doing the Winter Spirit tour from the 31st January 2012 to the 23rd February 2013.
I’m guessing it’s going to be quite cold, and I’m guessing I’ll encounter snow (which I’ve never seen before, so if this question sounds stupid - that’s why) and I was wondering what shoes to take!?

I’m thinking:
Sneakers (like converses maybe)
Thongs (for the shower etc)
Nice flats/ankle boots (for going out- I’m not even going to consider bringing heels)

but does anyone think I’ll need anything like these?

Or are they too over the top and will I just look really stupid?
I don’t mind spending the money for a pair of good quality winter shoes because I’m also spending a week in Ireland and then in Scotland in December - January, so I’m assuming if I need them for the tour, I’ll need it for then too?
I really don’t want to look like a stupid tourist who’s gone and dressed as if I’m planning on living in a freezer for a month while everyone else is wearing like shorts… Please help!!!


Winter shoes is something I was wondering about too (we’re doing the same tour, Meaghan :slight_smile: ) I currently already own leather boots like this So if I could get away with taking those instead of buying ski boots that would be good, but I don’t know how well leather boots like that would cope in snow.


Hey guys, I’m going on the winter spirit a few weeks before you. I bought some super dorky lined waterproof boots online. They are similar to the ones you’ve given the links to Meaghan, except mine come to my knees. I cant find a pic of them now! Ever seen game of thrones? I feel like they are boots from the wall! Anyway as long as my toes are warm and dry I won’t care, I only spent around aud$80 so I figure I can ditch them at the end of the trip for suitcase space if need be. I guess it depends on how much you feel the cold as well? Poland is lucky to hit 0 degrees in winter apparently, and I’m used to 10 degrees in winter in Australia so I’m thinking it’ll be cold cold!
As for heels, I don’t know what to do! I have friends who say don’t bother and others who say they are fine, sometimes advantageous in the snow (makes no sense to me!) and they wouldn’t dare go without their worn in heels?
Anyway don’t know if I’ve helped, just go with whatever feels most comfortable for you! :slight_smile:


Hi Guys

I’m having the same dilemma for my trip in a few weeks!

I went to London for christmas a couple of years ago, and I wore sketcher sneakers that come quite low so I couldn’t wear thick socks and my gosh my feet felt like they were going to fall of, so I wouldnt bother with cons style sneakers unless a) you’ve super duper waterproofed them and b) you have ones you can wear thick socks with!
The other shoes I took then were just some normal fake leather boots that i got from a surf store, with a relatively flat sole and I bought them I size up and wore super thick socks with them, and I was fine - but that was only London weather. Oh and I also took ugg boots which I wore the 1 day it snowed and they were soooooo warm! but not quite water proof enough, and I’m thinking Eastern Europe’s gonna be alot colder than london so I’m also taking some light weight super warm apres ski boots, which are like ugg boots for the snow, and my gosh they’re warm and comfy!
As for heels, I wouldn’t bother with anything you can’t wear socks with unless you don’t mind cold feet! But maybe some heeled boots if you have the room for them? I’m gonna try fit a pair in for my europe trip over new years just incase.

Okay not sure if that was any help, or if I’m just rambling!


Katie :slight_smile:


Hi All,

I’m currently in England (i finished the mega European on the 15th October) and its quiet cold at the moment.
I don’t think you will need any open-ish shoes-its just too cold for that ( i have just sent my ballet flats home).
I had to buy a pair of waterproof, fur lined calf-high boots in Berlin early October as it was freezing (around 5 when we were there). I also wore them in Poland and Amsterdam. Alot of the shoe shops are selling these kind of shoes- you can get them pretty cheaply- around 20 pounds. Of course you could spend alot more if you want to.
I also have a pair of small-heeled ankle boots for evening and a pair of thongs, that i used for showering only.
If your getting snow, you will need a decent soled pair of shoes and to be waterproof.
Hope i haven’t confused you



Thanks Cassandra, that’s really helpful :slight_smile: I think it’s going to be even colder in Jan/Feb when I’m there than October, but sounds like it might even be worth waiting till we’re over there to buy big boots anyway - cheaper and easier to find than in Australia.


Leather boots or furry boots will do to match outfit for a winter season.


I’m not doing the same tour anymore! :frowning:
I’m doing the slightly shorter one!
Thanks for all the tips, I think I’ll go to marks and spencer tomorrow and buy some :wink: