Shipping your stuff back home


I am going to end my UK working holiday this coming July 2008.For the past 12 months, i did buy a lot of stuff. So I would like to ship them all back to Melbourne. Looking at the TNT magazine, there are a lot of shipping companies available.I am confused as to which company to choose. Hence, i need to seek advice from anyone who had personal experience/transaction with these companies previously.[br][br]Could anyone out there share his or her experience with me. eg. Which shipping company need to be avoided due to bad experience you have with them, or which one is highly recommended based on your past experience with them…etc[br][br]Regards[br]KIN[br][br]


hey kin[br]i lived in switzerland for 12 months in 2006 and i had the same problem as you when i was coming home.[br]i didn’t go with a shipping company because they were a lot more expensive than the national postage system. Have you checked out the British Post (like Australia Post. they should have 2-3 types of shipping, all with different rates. i did some by sea mail which took 5-6 weeks and some things by economy air mail which took 7- 10 days. a 20kg box cost less than a $100 by airmail and less again by sea. and TNT etc wanted more like $150.[br][br]Ebony + Amanda[br]European Emperor 9 July[br]East Meets West 21 July


Yeah some of your bigger companies want more. The post is a good option or the airline you are traveling with. I’m Flying with Singapore airlines and i know they have a separate freight sector they are usually a reasonable price. Most airlines have a freight department and maybe if you have a ticket with them it might be a bit cheaper. I’m not 100% sure but it might be worth checking it out.


Hey Jake & Ebony,[br][br]Thanks for the advice. I will check it the English Post and the freight department. [br][br]Best Wishes[br]KIN


If you feel like a bit of a side trip, it’s very cheap to post items back from Amsterdam via the Amsterdam postal service. Heaps of people I was travelling with posted boxes and boxes of stuff back and it wasn’t very expensive.[br][br]A friend of mine found it cheaper to fly to Amsterdam from London and post things back to Australia than it was to post items from the UK.[br][br]Casey.


London is definately an expensive place to send things home from.[br]I sent maybe a 2kg parcel (with parcel force worldwide through the post office) of bits and pieces home that I had collected along the way by international standard mail. That cost me about 64 pounds which is about A$140-$150.It arrived home about 2 months later, a week before I arrived home.[br]It depends what your sending home, it can be expensive.


thanks for all the replies & info. I finally placed a deposit with a shipping company called Freedom Shipping. I saw it in TNT magazine. It charges me 4 boxes for ?159 + 1 box free. so average it costs me about ?32 per box with max weight 40kg/box. (subject to Quarantine inspection charge A$80-165.[br]Hopefully nothing will go wrong with the service quality of this shipping company.[br]Anyone have their stuff handled by this FREEDOM CHIPPING before…? mind sharing your experience with me ?[br][br]Thanks[br][br]KIN