September weather



Who has done Europe in September/october??

What’s the general weather?? I’m stressing about packing the wrong stuff!!!

EM :stuck_out_tongue:


I did a Contiki during that time last year. It’s quite warm, especially in Italy, but can be chilly in the evenings. Take summer clothes and a light jacket.


depends where your going (what countries), we leave for our tour end of september and from the research i’ve done for where we are traveling temperature is anywhere from 11 (Prague) to 25 (greece).


Yes is quite up and down weather wise…I’m not a huge fan of hot weather so this should make it interesting!! Hehe!! I’ll be prepared for all situations!!


I was in Europe over August til December. In October, I was in Paris, and wearing jeans, beanie, scarfe, gloves, jumpers etc etc, it was freezing. The next day in Barcelona, shorts, singlets and thongs with temps over 30!! Southern Europe hangs onto the heat much longer then Northern Europe. Tho places like london etc tend to have a few warms days, just be prepared to have to carry warm and cool weather clothing during that seasonal change :slight_smile: