September 17th - European Getaway Tour


Hello,[br][br]I’m just on the September 17th European Getaway tour and figured that I should see if there was anyone else out there doing the same thing.[br][br]Aaron


Why will nobody talk to me? I feel so alone and left out. There’s been over a 100 views of this posting, but no one will be the first to respond. Would people talk to me if I said I was Young, Blonde and wearing a mini-skirt?[br][br]Because that’s unfortunetly not the case. Brown hair actually, 23 years old… so still rather young, and I don’t think that they make mini-skirts for 6 foot 4 inch tall men. [br][br]Is there anyone else out there? We leave in like 2 days for Paris, it would be nice to have a friendly face to look for while waiting for the tour to leave! [br][br]Will I have better luck this time? I guess we’ll see![br][br]