I’ve heard all sorts of horror stories about bags getting slashed and people grabbing bags and all sorts of other stuff… So for anyone who has been on tours or even just to Europe - has this happened to you or have you seen it happen? Is it really that common?

I’m so worried and paranoid now - do you carry your passport with you all the time - and if so how? I’m a girl and wear tight-ish clothes so don’t really want some passport/money wallet under my clothes as it will be obvious (and uncomfortable), would you consider locking your passport in your suitcase before you go out in the daytime? Or taking it with you everywhere? ANd if you leave them in hostels, is that even safe? I’ve heard that hostel owners/workers go into the rooms and steal stuff too!


Id like to know about this too!! Kinda stressing about it!


Hey guys

There is no need to be paraniod!!! i promise!!! Ive been on 3 trips around Europe and not a single person on any of my trips were pick pocketed, had anything stolen from them or felt unsafe at any time. You just have to be cautious thats all. make sure you take your passport with you, its safer that way. I took a bag that i wore across my body and if we went somewhere that was a bit dodgy you can swing it around the font of you and its totally safe. No one on my trip took a passport wallet cos they are hot and bulkly.

when it comes to the accommodation, we had no problems with that either. just make sure you put everything valuable in your suitcase and lock it before you go out for the day, if you leave something lying around then you are asking for trouble. every single hostel we stayed at was fine!! people left laptops, money etc in their suitcases and not a single person had antyhing taken. I am heading back over later in the year and doing my own thing and i have booked into all the same hostels that i stayed in with Topdeck cos they were great.

basically just use common sense. your trip leader will tell you when you need to be more careful (the big tourist places, especially Rome) and be careful of the gypsies in Paris.

Have an amazing time guys!!! I cant wait to go back :slight_smile:

If you want any other info just let me know



I agree with the gypsies in paris. Theyll throw fake babies at you so you’ll drop everything for them to snatch and run off with.