Scotland for a Day


Heyo-- My sister and I are heading into London a few days prior to our May 6th departure, and want to take the train into Scotland for a day trip…
Any and all thoughts, tips or cost-saving advice would be amazing!! Thanks a million



I did the same thing last year when I was in London for a week and there was a tube strike. Be aware that it takes about 4.5 hours to get to Edinburgh from Kings Cross because of the stops for passenger pickup and drop off. Fares are quite cheap at times (check the website for details: National Rail
) but check ahead because if you buy last minute like I did last year you can pay up to £150 for a return ticket (in AUS or CAD I believe that’s just under $200). Keep in mind you’ll be travelling from Kings Cross in London to Edinburgh Waverley. You can’t book for May on the website yet, but I suggest checking in about three weeks for the time period that you’re going that way you can find the best fares and know how long you have in either Edinburgh or Glasgow depending on where you want to go. I personally would suggest Edinburgh. It was beautiful and so historic. There is a hostel directly beside the castle that is fairly decent but a bit noisy (Castle Rock Hostel). The dorms are away from the common areas so at least the dorms are quiet for sleeping (if you aren’t above a person who snores). I walked in and got a bed no problem. I took a hop-on hop-off bus tour right when I got off the train so that I could get situated within the city and then walk around on your own from there. I pretty much stuck to the old town. Definately plan on visiting Edinburgh castle while you are there. The views are wonderful.

If you have any other questions I’ll certainly try my best to answer!




Edinburgh is wonderful, I actully injoyed it better then London. I was there for 2 days but could have easily (& would like to have) stayed longer. If the trin does take 4.5 hrs, you make want to consider more then just a day trip.



Im spending 6 weeks in the U.K with my parents. Our first stop is London through to York and then Edinburgh. My mum received a quote from National Rail. It said it would cost 276AUD per person, one way, standard class! Now, maybe I’m used to prices of train tickets in Aus but that is crazy.

So, now we are looking to hire a car because there is 3 of us.

I saw this topic and felt like i should tell you. I can’t wait to see Edinburgh though, it does look amazing.
Hope you have a great trip. :slight_smile:



Hi there - dont catch a train - it is a long ride and a waste of time - Scotland is awesome - my fiance and I spent a week driving around and we are going back next year. Flights with easyjet cost about 35 pound each way from london to Edinburgh!! Edinburgh is awesome - I love it there - I recommend having a picnic lunch in Princes Park looking up at the castle - if the weather is good!



I actually lived in Scotland for a year and it’s so beautiful, totally different to london and a lot of other big cities. I would also reccommend flying however you do get to see some nice places on the train but it can be very pricey. If you can, I would say stay the night so you’re not travelling pretty much all day. There are some gorgeous places to explore, the castle and princes st and the grassmarket is always fun at night time.



Hey folks, Well I never use trains as far to expensive, you can get much cheaper trips by changing trains on the way up taking advantage of deals between citys for commuters though not something i could be annoyed with to be honest.
Try for cheaper tickets in advance tho a lot of the sites have same prices, cheapest way is to get a bus up from London to Scotland.Ccan get tickets from a few quid booking in advance on or experiences vary and might not be the most enjoyable way spending 11 hours on a bus but definatley the cheapest.
Have used the night bus up with both and got a break of the bus halfway up, tho can be dearer. just try and grab some kip and use a hostel.


Try budget flights with or, tho check and double check all the little options when your doing it as a lot of people fall foul of hidden extras or automaticaly added insurance. Would go for easyjet before the other personaly.

try for flights and hotels to…


If you’ve got the time its worth staying much longer than a day. Glasgow is better for shopping but thats irrelevant if you’re coming from London and Edinburgh is much prettier. A couple days in the highlands are worth it if you’ve got time. If you’re really skint there are bargains to be found at if you can cope with 9 hours on a bus. If going by train try booking in advance and 2 singles are often much cheaper than a return. If you’re lucky you might find tickets for about 1/4 the price of buying an open return. Its also worth checking Caledonian Sleeper’s Bargain Berths where you can get singles on the overnight sleeper train from £19 if you book in advance(though the norm is more £49 at weekends). However if you book this last minuet you’ll be paying well over £100 each way.
Have fun


Hey all! Thanks for all the tips. I think we’ve decided to fly into Edinburgh and stay the night at one of the hostels there. So excited!