School of Rock leaving NYC 21st July


Hey! I’m going on the school of rock tour starting 21st July and would love to say hello to anyone who will be on this trip as well :slight_smile:
Caitlin x


Hi Caitlin,
Your School of Rock tour is starting in New Orleans on the 21st July? If so, I’ll be on that tour! :smiley:
I cant wait to meet more people when we get on the tour!
Megan x


Hi Megan!
Yes it does! Glad I got to say hi to someone before, I’m so excited! Are you doing any more traveling?
Caitlin x


Hi Caitlin,
Me too!! I’m seeing family beforehand in Dallas and then hanging around NYC and Boston after, then back to work unfortunately. Are you heading anywhere else before or after?
Megan X


Sorry didn’t get the notification for your reply, but yes this is my first tour but I’m traveling for about 6 months in total, I’m in NYC for a week after the tour though :slight_smile:
Caitlin x


Hey @Caitlinoh! That’s awesome, travelling for 6 months! I’m planning on doing that soon! :slight_smile: I’ll be in New York for a few days after the tour also, before heading to Boston.
You’ll defiantly have to tell me about your travel plans when we’re on the trip!
M x