School of Rock Ex NYC 27 Nov


Hey, Doing this trip solo. Just wandering if there is anybody else booked on it?


Hey Josh, I’m booked on that tour already too :blush:


That’s good, glad I’m not the only one on it. Where abouts are you travelling from? I’m heading over from Cairns, Australia and spending a week before in NYC then off to the west coast for a couple of weeks.


Hey, I’m doing the 24 day coast to coast tour but the first 10 days is the School of rock! So we’ll be on the same tour :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m travelling over from Sydney! I’m arriving 5 days before hand, and then doing 2 nights in LA on the way home :slight_smile:


Hey guys! I’ve just booked onto this tour. I’ll be arriving in NYC the afternoon of the 26th, then after the tour I’ll spend an extra night in New Orleans then fly home. I’ve been looking at sports and there is heaps of stuff on!

28/nov basketball game in Washington 7pm -Washington Wizards vs Sacramento Kings at Verizon centre

30/nov Chicago Bulls vs LA Lakers 8pm United centre Chicago

1/dec ice hockey
3/dec ice hockey 2pm

5/dec basketball New Orleans v Memphis at the smoothie king centre New Orleans


Hey Stacey,

I was looking at the different games aswell, I’ll be keen for any of the above.


Hey guys, my friend and I were actually looking at seeing an NBA game so we’d definitely been keen :slight_smile: