School of Rock ex. NYC 23rd Jan 2017


Hey, just wondering if anyone else is booked to go on this trip. I’ve booked to go with my friend Corey and we are both from Sydney. We can’t wait to go and would love to get to know some people before the trip starts! :smiley:


Hey I have just booked this trip and will be travelling solo! When do you get into NYC?


We get into NYC on the 9th of Jan :blush:


Do you know if theres a FB group page around?


Not that I know of


Hey, I will be doing this tour too. I’m from Melbourne and going solo as well :slight_smile:


How exciting! Are you guys staying at the topdeck starting hotel?


Hey Guys,

I will be doing this tour and I am from Melbourne, I will be going solo too. I am in america as of the 30th Dec and arrive back in New York the morning before the tour starts. I am really excited to meet everyone!



I will be on this tour solo too. I am from Perth and will be in NYC from the 15th :slight_smile:


Hi my friend and I are on this trip. We are travelling from Townsville NQ