School of Rock ex New Orleans on 27/10/2016


Hi Everyone,

I have booked to go on the School of Rock ex New Orleans on 27/10/2016 and can’t wait to go and would love to touch base with anyone before my trip.

Any other fellow travellers ?




Hey Lauren,

I haven’t booked it yet - saving a bit of $$ over the next few weeks but 99% sure I’ll be going on this trip! How long are you visiting the US for?



Hi Hiuy,

I am actually going to be in the states at the start of the month visiting friends, I will most likely make it to New Orleans a few days before the tour.


Hey Lauren,

Me and a friend have also booked for the same trip. Looking forward to it!!
Going to be in New Orleans two days prior to the trip and two days after in New York.

It’s going to be a blast! :grin:



Awesome, looking forward to meeting you.


Hey Everyone,
I’m so excited! My boyfriend Scott & I have booked for this tour too! From Brisbane,Australia. Still planning our trip atm, but most likely get into New Orleans a couple days before hand and stay in New York for a bit after!

Can’t Wait :smile:


I am looking at doing this with 3 days in NY before hand. Travelling alone, from Perth

Anyone keen to do NYC?



Hi Mel,

That’s exactly what my plan is !
Let me know if you find any good places to stay in New Orleans prior to the tour. I’m still shopping around ATM.


I stayed here last time I was in New Orleans which was 2013, its very close to Bourbon St and the French Quarter. Oh and they have fresh cookies all the time at reception and the breakfast wasn’t bad too.


Hi Hiuy,

We actually booked at the same hotel the trip uses ( )- pretty convenient, but the link Lauren posted looks excellent…


Hey Guys,

I’m doing this trip! Travelling alone and will be in New Orleans a few days before the tour and staying in New York for a few days afterwards. Would love to talk to and meet some others doing the same trip before the tour kicks off!



Hi Britt,

I might be on my own the day of the tour start (Thursday). I will let you know closer to the day.

Looking forward to travelling with you.



Hey all!

for those who are staying in New York for a few days after, has anyone booked their accomodation at all? Where did you stay/ and recommendations? I knew New York wasn’t going to be cheap, especially over a weekend, but wow! Haha. Thinking about getting an Airbnb. Curious to see what you’ve all got planned?

Xx Mel


Hey Britt !

I’ll be in New Orleans from the 25th ! Keen to catch up also closer to the date


Hey Mel,

This will be my second time in NYC and I’m staying in Brooklyn through AirBnB - highly reccomend doing it through AirBnB and staying in Upper West/East side for your first time. Brookyln is a little bit further out.


Hey Lauren!

That would be great! Looking forward to travelling with you & everyone else too!

Talk soon,


Hey Hiuy!

I’m there from the 24th so I’m definitely keen to catch up closer to the date!



Hi Everyone,

Just an FYI - I receive the Itinerary for our tour yesterday from Top Deck, I did find day 1 a little confusing because it actually has activities listed there… but because we start our tour at 8pm on the 27th - we don’t actually do those.
It’s the details from another tour that we are meeting up with.

Maybe I am a bit slow :slight_smile: - but it did take a while to get my head around it…

So just make sure you check your plans etc …Can’t wait to meet you all !



Hi Lauren, I have booked in for this trip. Am looking forward to it.


Hi, I’m from Perth also, should be a good tour.