School of Rock (ex New Orleans) May 5 2016


Hi guys,

Anyone else signed up for School of Rock (ex New Orleans) 5 May next year!?
I’d love to touch base with a few people before the trip!

I’m Ruth, from Melbourne. Travelling on my lonesome.
Spending a few days in New Orleans before the Tour, and hanging out in New York and San Francisco afterwards.

Say ‘hi’ if you’ve booked the same trip!



Hi Ruth, I am on the coast to coast which joins with this tour in new orleans on may 5th :slight_smile:
I am also from Melbourne and traveling solo


Wow, the Coast to Coast tour sounds amazing!
When does that one start?

Another Melbourne gal too! … hooray :slight_smile:
Really looking forward to this trip!


Hey hey @Ruth_Hallett & @Hollie_Maree!

I’ve just signed up for the School of Rock tour as well :slight_smile: Bit excited. I’m from Sydney, travelling solo as well!

Coast to Coast sounds super sweet. I’ll be in LA til May 4 if anyone wants to go to Disneyland btw haha!


Hey guys, Laura here. I’ll be doing the School of Rock tour with my friend Cher as well. Tomorrow we’re heading to LA (just did Vegas and San Fran) then San Diego, Texas and Orlando before we hit New Orleans a couple of days before the trip. We’re keen to meet up with anyone who will be at similar places before we set off!!


I’m flying in to New Orleans (from Melbourne) on 3 May … it would be great to catch up before the tour if anyone’s free on, say, the 4th … or even the 5th before the meet up!

Not long now!