School of Rock - Departing NYC 3rd July 2016


Hi Guys!

I am Sara from country NSW. I have booked ‘School of Rock’ for July 3rd 2016. I am travelling alone & am eager to make some new friends. I will be looking at spending a week in NYC before the tour begins & still undecided for what to do afterwards!

Let me know if you have booked on this tour :slight_smile:



Hi Sara, I’m Cassia from Newcastle NSW. I’m travelling with 2 friends and we’ve booked the coast to coast tour leaving NYC same day so I have a feeling they might blend tours for some of the way. We are spending a week in NYC prior as well and can’t wait!



I’m from the Central Coast, NSW and I’ll be travelling solo on the School of Rock dep. 3rd July. Should be really great and full of friendly Aussies!

I will be in NYC from 28th June and I’m going to Orlando after the tour. :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

I’m travelling solo from Perth, WA and will be on this tour as well.
Looking forward to see how much I remember since I last went to the United States.

I will be on the East coast also prior to the tour and looking at going Miami maybe after the tour but haven’t decided yet!


Hey guys!
I just booked this tour too! I’m travelling solo from country NSW.
I’ll be staying with my sister in NYC before the tour, then hopefully go across and do the California calling topdeck on july14!


Hey Guys!

Great to hear from you all! I decided I am flying to San Fran after NOLA.

Looking forward to meeting you all!