School of rock dep NYC 18 Sept 2016


Travelling solo would be great to chat and meet anyone else on going on this tour :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey :slight_smile: I’m on this tour too. Although my tour is the southern exposure which is a combo of this tour then fly to New Orleans :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Im going to be in New York for a day before the tour starts too so much I want to do!! will you be spending any time there before the tour?


Yeah I’ll be there two days beforehand cause I’m on the Stars & Stripes tour which finishes the same day this one starts :slight_smile:
There is a facebook group, just search Southern Exposure/Southern Charm and School of Rock Topdeck September Trips and it should come up, nobody has really joined it yet apart from the guy who created it and me but hopefully people will start joining soon :slight_smile:


Oh cool will look it up I was nearly going to start one too :blush: