School of Rock - 21st August 2016 ex NYC


Hey guys! Travelling solo, would be great to get to know people doing the tour:)!



Hi Lauren
My friend Katrina and I just booked this tour :wink: looking forward to it & meeting everyone! We are travelling from New Zealand wbu?
Carina :smile:


Me and a friend from England are on this too after we finish Camp America! Did anyone want to start a Facebook group or get in touch before we leave?!

Julia and Jade x


Hi! I’m doing the coast to coast tour which is a larger tour so your are with us until new orleans :smiley:


Hi Girls!
A Facebook page would be awesome!
Looking forward to meeting you all very soon!
Carina x


Hi there!

My husband Aron and I are on this tour too. Only 1 month to go… woohoo!

Looking forward to meeting you all.




Hey folks!

I’m travelling solo as well.
See you all in NY!