School of Rock 18 Sep 2016 ex NYC



I’m will.

I will be doing this tour from NYC, however i will be doing the Southern Exposure which is a combination of this tour and Southern Charm, so after New Orleans we fly to Miami and join the Southern Charm trip.

I am a single travelling from Adelaide, Australia.

Would be great to chat and meet some other people from this trip.


Hi @WillBa95,

Myself and my sister will be on this trip from NYC as well as this time

We are from Melbourne Australia :slight_smile:

We will by flying to Miami from New Orleans as well.


Hey @mmorse20 .

Glad to meet some other people doing this trip.

I think you are on the Southern Exposure trip like me, head over hear for the forum on this trip where you can meet some other travelers Southern Exposure 18 September 2016
I have also started a facebook group so everyone can meet each other before the trip starts
It would be great if you could join the group.

Are you flying to New York from Melbourne?

How many nights are you having in New York before the trip starts on the 18th of September?


Hi @willba95

yeah will be good to meet others :slight_smile:

No we will be 2 weeks into our trip when we start the tour, we are spending time in Orlando then new York then over to a cruise to the Bahamas then LA,

We are flying from Melbourne to dallas then orlando

we have 4 nights in New York before the trip then go back to New York for another 4 nights after the cruise :smiley:


Ok Cool.

I am flying from Sydney to Newark via LA with United.

Where are you staying in New York City.

I am staying 1 night before the tour starts at The Marrakesh Hotel, where the Southern Exposure Tour leaves from.


Hi @WillBa95 and @mmorse20

I am strongly considering booking this trip (School of Rock ex NYC 18 Sep 2016)

So I might see you guys there!



Let me know if you book.


I have booked, yayy! So will definitely see you guys there!