Scenic Scandi


Hi Guys

Just wondering who is joining this tour & if you have any hostel suggestions before the tour starts on the 16th of august

Can’t wait to meet everyone

Emma ;D


Hi! Im doing this tour from the 9th of August and I was wandering whether you know where in Oslo it starts from?


Hey Anna
Nice to hear from you. Holidays are just around the corner :slight_smile: woo

the reservations team told me they couldn’t help with pre tour acomm but the accommodation in Oslo is the Camping Bogstad.

are you arriving a day prior or just on the day of?


Hi, I can’t personally recommend any hostels in Oslo but I would suggest checking out the website hostelworld. com. it makes it easy to compare hostels and there’s really good reviews etc. Just an idea.

The group meets up with the red star special day 8. i’m doing this in june and it says we arrive at the campsite for dinner. probably around 5pm. but definitely check the trip notes and it should say right at the beginning the time and location to meet.

Hope this helps.


Awesome, thanks! I’ve booked us into the Xpress at Central Station - we are arriving in Oslo the day before by train from Stockholm. We will bus (?) out to Bostag I image… Not long to go now!


Hey Emma,

I’m on the same trip as you, looking forward to it. How did you go with your before trip booking plans? I’m flying into Oslo on the 12th then going straight over to Stockholm for a couple of days before the trip.




Hey Emma and Martin,

I booked myself on this tour too starting on the 16. Aug in Oslo!
In order to get in contact which each other I created a FB group for our tour which you can join:
See you next week in Oslo @econ, @mofman88,