Scenic Scandi Tour June 25 - July 9, 2017


My wife and I are booked for this trip. Anyone else on here going?

Let me know!


My partner and I will be there! So excited!


Awesome! Where you coming from? We’re flying in from Toronto. I myself lived next door in Sweden about 10 years ago for school. Norway was my favourite country during my travels back then. Can’t wait to return and explore the whole country on this trip.


We are both Australian, but my partner is living in Oslo for the year to go to uni (lucky him). We have been to Norway before and he has done some city escapes to other Scandinavian countries but we are very keen to do some wilderness exploring in Norway.


Oh nice. Norway seems to offer some of the best wilderness so I’m sure this trip won’t disappoint. Looking forward to meeting you both.


My friend and I are also booked on this trip (except we are doing a little further more with the Northern Exposure trip)
Considering you have a little experience there, what is the weather like this time of the year, and it says to bring a sleeping bag - do you think that’s entirely necessary??


It really depends on where you are in the country, as elevation can change up quite a bit, and hence the weather. I was in Norway before in early June, in the southern parts (Oslo, Flam, Bergen) and still needed a sweater in some areas. Up in the mountains (we took a train through them from Oslo to Flam), there was still snow. I would bring a sleeping bag for sure (nothing too hot though), plus a good rain jacket as being on the western side of Norway, there could be some heavy rains. That said, if the weather is clear, the sun will be out most of the day, or even 24 hour sun in the northern parts. I remember it being bright and sunny out at 10:30pm in early June, and that does definitely warm things up. Pack for weather between 5 and 25 degrees (Celsius) and you should cover all your bases.


Thanks, that was really helpful.


Hi! I’ll be travelling with a mate (both aussies) - super keen to escape this winter for a different kind of winter!


It will be a great trip for sure. See you all in less than a week! If anyone wants to meetup on the Sunday and split a taxi to get to the meeting point (looks like it’s a little outside of the city), let me know. We can coordinate a meetup point (Oslo Central Station, etc). My wife and I fly into Oslo at 12:50pm from Copenhagen and could meet around 4:30pm or 5 to taxi it over.


I’ll be in Oslo the night beforehand but my friend flies in about the same time via London. Add me on Facebook and we can co-ordinate tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Hi all I’m looking at doing a Scandinavia tour next year but can’t decide as I have a few questions if any one could answer them it would be great - first up what are the hostels like? How many were there to a room? Also what were the cabins like? How many to a cabin? Did the cabins have bathrooms in them or did you have to use the toilets/showers blocks? What were the meals like? Was the days on the bus long??