Scenic Scandi july 13


hey is anyone in the forums travelling on this tour?? ::slight_smile: post a message or email me at so we can share our excitement!!! :slight_smile:


I am going to be there!!! I cant wait… BRING IT ON!


hey blazze!! are you leah by any chance or someone else?? yeah not long to go now!!! i have been chatting with Leah and Yolanda on this tour also… so just wondering if this is another person on our tour??? :slight_smile:


hahaha i just realised it is you leah!! :slight_smile: i just got an email from Yolanda, form hong kong who thinks she is also doing this trip! yay!


Yeah its me - i couldnt use my own name to log in, well at least there are 3 of us doing the tour haha… but im pretty sure the bus is full, cause when i booked apparently there was only the one spot left!