Scenic Scandi 2010


Hi all, I’m Marco from Italy. I’d like to enjoy the Scenic Scandi tour starting the 15 august.
Is there someone else choosing the same trip?
I have also a simple question: is the registration to the program possible only by this internet page?
Or there is any agency here in my country where I can ask for that?

Thank you very much


I’m not familiar with italian travel agencies, but I would recomend looking for one that do student travel and see if they can book a topdeck trip for you.

You can also call the topdeck uk office for help at:
Phone No: +44 208 987 3300
Fax No: +44 0208 987 3301

or go to the main website at


Hi Marco,

I’m doing the Berlin to Oslo part of this tour, so we’ll cross paths for two days - I finish up in Norway on the 17 August.

If you join, we have a Facebook page Red Star Special 2010 - 8 Aug 2010 if you want to join it. It’s for all people travelling on the various legs of this trip.

As for booking, I went to a travel agent here in Australia, but I hear it’s cheaper if you book through the London office apparently - don’t know how true it is though!

Hope to meet you - if somewhat briefly - in August!