Scared of spiders



Just booked a Beach to Bush trip Reverse for August…now having a mini panic.
Forgot about spiders and am now a bit worried!
Also looked at the reviews of the pre tour accomodation and saw the reviews aren’t that great - one mentions a lot of bugs.
please can someone reassure me it wont be that bad!!


haha well you have to expect some bugs in the bush! mostly flys and mosquitos to worry about…annoying things! im from aus and HATE spiders myself… and i can tell u will be fine!


I’m from Australia and I go camping heaps out in the bush and really, it’s not too bad!
Expect to have some mosquitoes, ants and other bugs but they are nothing to worry about, mainly just a pain flying around! As long as you have some repellent on you, you’ll be fine!


Hi ti86,

Dont know if this is still relevant (whether you have completed your travel or not) but I went on the Beach & Bush tour last year & absolutely loved it.

It was when I got there that I remembered about all the bugs & snakes & spiders but there was really nothing to worry about - really the only spiders we saw were in the bush on Fraser Island (Huntsman - was HUGE but apparantly they are harmless) & then another 2 in the bush walking to Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays.

There were quite alot of bugs in the outback, mainly flying things but those pesky flies are so little & annoying. Walking around the Olgas we got so frustrated with batting them away that that afternoon a few of the girls in my group went & bought hats with mosquito nets for the next days tramp. They looked ridiculous but I have to say I think I would recommend one… I even ended up swallowing a fly! Eeeww!

But in terms of spiders, I dont think I saw any in the outback.

I also looked at accommodation reviews beforehand & was also a little worried as to what I was going to come across - most of our accommodation was really good, no complaints.

The only place I can think of that could’ve possibly had bugs was Fraser Island - but thats kinda unavoidable because the lodges are surrounded by bush. & most places have screen doors to prevent them coming inside anyway.

It was all 3 or 4 share depending on where you were staying, & also really close walking distance to town - once we arrived the bus was prettymuch parked up until we were ready to leave for the next destination.

Ok so I just read your question & see you are asking about the pre tour accommodation - Is that at WakeUp Hostel? I didnt actually stay there beforehand, I stayed at YHA The Rocks (because it had an awesome view of both the Sydney Harbour Bridge & the Opera House) & I just got a taxi to WakeUp on the departure morning. If you are still worried then I would totally recommend this hostel, it was pretty nice & clean & secure with good facilities.

So even if this isnt relevant to you, hopefully it will be helpful to someone else :slight_smile:

& if anyone else hasn’t booked yet, I would totally recommend doing the full Grand Ozzie if you can - I finished my tour after 19 days & totally regretted not going all the way to Darwin with a couple of others who were continuing on.