Scared of heights? Why not jump off the Austrian Alps?!


Out of my hundreds of incredible memories, I feel like my Topdeck European Odyssey 2015 tour can be summed up with the following encounters (plz refer to video below for further evidence of the awesoneness of Topdeck):

  • Falling down the stairs in the biggest club in Europe, Five Storey (Prague) + meeting SO many other Topdeckers!
  • PARAGLIDING OFF THE FREAKING AUSTRIAN ALPS. As someone who is terrified of heights, would recommend this as a 10/10 experience.
  • Eating ACTUAL Belgian waffles. In Belgium. Covered in chocolate. And strawberries. Oh and ice cream.
  • Paddling through the canals of Venice and feeling like we were in a movie.
  • PORK KNUCKLES & 1 LITRE STEINS OF BEER, need I say more. Thank you Hofbrauhaus Berlin. PROST!
  • The incredible opportunity to visit Mathausen concentration camp. I can’t even describe it.

Every moment of our 18 day tour was incredible and I would do it all again if given the chance. Topdeck rocks, our tour certainly wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was without our hilarious driver/leader and our little Topdeck family #SquidMercie.