Scandi Tours - Has anyone done one?


Hi All,
Has anyone done any of the Scandinavian tours before?
I am looking at the Northern Exposure tour for sometime this year (Aug/Sept) and had a few questions!

What is the bungalow / hostel accommodation like, how many do you share with? Are the bathrooms separate to the room… ie need to bring own towel?
Do you need to bring a sleeping bag (not keen on the idea of carrying one around on my travels) or do they have blankets etc provided?

My first tour and have only traveled via hotels before.

Any idea on the weather? I’ve done a quick google and it doesn’t seem ‘as’ cold as I thought it would be (even for their summer!)


Am thinking of flying into Russia on my own as I don’t have enough time for the full Russia / Scandi tour. Any tips or must do’s? (bit worried about finding my way around here)

Does the Visa process take long? should I be applying now?
Any tips in general would be great!

Thank you


Also interested to know it


Hi @Jade2,

I’m off to do the Northern Exposure tour in August this year. Having previously done a TopDeck tour with similar accommodation arrangements, the standard is ‘liveable’. Fortunately you’re not in one place for too longs. The hotels are usually ok and bungalows /cabins are basis.

The bungalows will typically have separate bathrooms. So in the middle of the night, you may have to wander to go to the bathroom. Also towels are usually provided. However I’d recommend a travel quick dry towel (available at camping and outdoor stores). They are compact.

I’m not sure about the requirement for a sleeping bag. Some places will provide adequate bedding, most likely a sheet and blanket (should be sufficient for the climate. The other option is to layer up for bed. Unfortunately I am not so sure about the Scandi tours. I can find out, though.

The climate will be cool the further north you go. Around 10 degrees celsius. It is recommended you pack for a winter climate (not arctic). I’m from sunny Queensland in Australia, so I will probably freeze. It also rains. A lot. So a good quality hard shell (waterproof) with base layers is recommended. I bought an Arc’teryx Hard shell and will use base layers for warmth.

Often you’ll share with up to 3 others of the same sex. However if you’re travelling solo not on a tour, most backpackers have the option of girls only or mixed.

Russia, although I have not been I am aware of the tensions between western countries and Russia. Care should be taken. Visa processes can be lengthy, either a Travel agency can assist or a google search, depending where you’re from. And may take some time to process. A travel agency (reputable) should be able to provide accurate assistance.

Hope this helps!


I am also looking for a trip but i can’t decided where i will go.


I am looking for a trip but date not confirm.