Scandi, Nortgern exposure, red star May 20th?


Hi all I have booked the Northern Exposure tour for May 2018. Leaving Berlin May 20th. Anyone else doing this trip? Or the longer Red Star? Scandi expresses I think is all part of it too


I’m going on the Scandi Express starting 20th May 2018! Will this be your first trip overseas?


Hi awesome news I have only spoken to 1 other who Is doing the whole tour like me. I’ve been on a few overseas trips this will be my first topdeck tour though I have done contiki before. What about you first trip? I’m arriving in Berlin on the 18th if you want to add me on Facebook my user name is Kirsty Lee same profile pic as here. :smile:


Hi! I’m going on the Northern Exposure leaving on the 20th too! I’m also going to be in a Berlin from the 18th. I’m so looking forward to this trip and the next 7 weeks can’t go quick enough!!


This will be my first time overseas! I’m so excited! I arrive in Berlin Sunday the 20th at like 10am but once I finish the tour on May 29 I’m staying in Germany with family until the 13th of June. Add me on FB if you want and we can chat there, I tried to find you Kristy but couldn’t?!


I’m getting excited too! I have 35 days till I leave as heading to London first for a few days. I’m staying at The Circus hostel in Berlin on the 18th & 19th, would love to meet up and see some of Berlin. There is a big multicultural festival on while we there too :blush: my Facebook is Kirsty Lee (Albany WA)if you want to add me Heidi. Aviyah I’ve friended you :blush:


Cool! Will do Kirsty! And are you girls having trouble connecting onto the chat group?? I can’t see either of you on there :thinking:


Heidi, what’s your Facebook name? You won’t see with of us in the app as it only covers the one tour even tho we will all be together the names are all different and codes etc stupid really I have no one in my group chat at all😢


Hi everyone I’m doing the North East Expedition also leaving on the 20th. I’ll be in Berlin from the 17th so not long to go now.


I tried sending a msg on the group chat and no one has replied yet, not sure if its not connecting properly or if people aren’t into chatting haha


Hey guys,
I am doing the Scenic Scandi tour that starts in Oslo on 27th May. Does this tour join onto that one? :blush: it will then finish up in Tallinn on 10th June


Hi Charlie those dates line up with our tour so I would say so.


Wonderful :slight_smile: