Scandi Express or Russia/Scandi tour July 24


It’s my first time on a Topdeck tour and my first time traveling alone!

I’m only going to be on the Scandi Express tour, but I’d love to see if anyone else will be there too! Staying a little extra in Berlin before the tour begins…


Hey Cath,

you will be fine on your tour. I did my first tour with topdeck nearly 2 years ago and have done many more since then. i am doing the red star special which starts the same day as yours and when you finish we keep going. dont arrive in berlin until the day the tour starts but i look forward to meeting you there.


of you have any questions just ask and i will try and help you out.



This is also my first topdeck tour and am travelling alone. I arrive in Berlin a couple of days before the tour begins as well. It’s getting so close now…cant wait!!!


Im doing the scenic scandi tour which will be part of you’re tour Kylie. Cant wait :smiley:



Forgot I even posted this but I will see all of you there! Getting close now…