Scandi express 24 june 2012



I am about to book on this tour and justed wanted to see who else is going? I am travelling solo and am probally going to stay in Berlin an couple of nights before the tour.


Hey Brendan,

I’m doing the Northern Exposure trip starting in Berlin on this date so I think your tour is the start of mine. just booked today! looking forward to it


Hi Nicole,

Cool someone else going, hopefully the tour is full. It should be good I’ve been looking forward to doing Scandinavia for a while, unfortunately I can’t get enough time off work to do the longer tour. Have you done any other tours?


Hi Brendan!
I’m booked on the Scandi Express starting on the 24th of June and finishing on the 3rd of July :slight_smile:
I’ll be in Berlin for a few nights before the tour starts too.
Picked up my full itinerary from my travel agent today. Looks like it’s going to be a pretty fantastic tour.


Hey monica,

Good to here that i am not the only one not doing the longer versions of the trip. I am doing a couple of nights extra in berlin also, i am staying at the wombats hostel where the tour should leave from.


I’m doing the scandi express as well. I’m doing another topdeck tour that arrives in Berlin on the 21st and finishes on the 23rd.


Seems like a few of us will be around the same place a few days prior. Might see you guys before the trip!