Scandi express 12 - 21 june 2016


Hi all

Anyone else out there doing the Scandi express tour 12 to 21 June 2016?




I’m on this trip but I finish Russian Revelations in Berlin on the same day this trip starts.




I’m also on this trip, looking to get into Berlin on the 11th. Does anyone have any info on where the meeting point is Berlin?



Hi Meera

The Meeting Point is wombat’s CITY HOSTEL Berlin, Address: Alte Schönhauser Str. 2, 10119 Berlin.

Please note that it is subject to change.

Where are you from?



Thanks for that Habib!

I’m from Perth, Western Australia. How about yourself?


I am from South Africa


I’m from Perth too Meera!


Hi everyone,

I’m on this tour too! I will be flying in to Berlin on the 11th.




I’ve just booked this trip too, this is my first time taking part in this type of trip or using topdeck. I’m excited but a little nervous. If anyone has any advise or tips or anything I need to know about this tour I would be so grateful !!


Hi all, I should be on the same tour.
Athough finish in Estonia.
No need to be nervous Kerr I have been on a number of tours including topdeck and it always have a great trip.


Hey got a quick question!

What are people doing for money? I have no clue what to do, is it best to get a pre-paid credit card or get all cash or something else?


It’s usaly best to bring some cash in the currency of the country’s you are visting as it may take time until you can find an atm (I also get small amounts of cash for the airports in the country’s that you stop over on the way to Europe, in case you want to get something to eat or anything else)
If you don’t have a credit card getting a travel money card is the best option for overseas.
Which still functions like a credit card but is pre paid.
There is travelx anz bank or commonwealth bank.


I forgot to mention frequent flyer programs now have cash cards as well (Velocity Visa/Qantas Mastercard) which you earn points as well, however be 100% sure you are ok with there terms and condition, fees ect before going ahead with it.