Scandi express 12-21 june 2011


Hi everyone, just checking if anyone booked the scandi express tour 12-21 june 2011.



I’m also on this trip too. When your flight arriving in Berlin?


Hi Delton

What a relief , finally someone replies.
I fly into Berlin at approx 13:30 on the 12th and Fly out Oslo on the 21st at approx 19:30

What about you?

Have you travelled much? on tours such as this one ?


I know. By the look of things it looks like it will only be you and me on this tour lol.

I arrive in Berlin a little earlier then you. The same day but at 09:55 and I also leave on the same day at 15:10.

This is my first time traveling, so I’m very nervous. I’m dreading when I land in Berlin because I’ve somehow got to get to the Hostel , which should be fun.

How about you have you done much traveling?


Hello again.
from my last communication with topdeck there may be approx 20 ppl on the tour.
I’ve done some travelling,however, I’ve only joind 2tours contiki tours many years ago.
So I’m so out of touch with these tours.
Even after travellin I’m so feeling very nervous.
U will njoy the experience.

Ill be taking the easy non adventourous way to get to the hostel- a taxi.

R u from the uk?



Well that’s good news then. Maybe they haven’t had a chance to join this forum or maybe they are in a completely different one. Yep, I’m from the UK I should have be really made that clear in my profile. Well apparently the bus is cheaper but If I do end up in the middle of know where then I’ll get a cab.

Maybe I can meet you at the hostel or something.


the bus is cheaper, however,i would have been flying for more than 12 hours , so i really wont have the energy to find may way around :wink:
I lived in the UK for approx 2.5 years.abs loved it there.
we will def meet up (i just might meet a german friend when i arrive , but that depends on if she is working or not…but u r more than welcome to join us , else we will see each other at 5 whe the group meet )
have a good day


what r ur interests during travelling eg shopping?museums?partying? or a balanced mix ?
is ur name delton? im assuming u female … forgive me if u not :wink:


I don’t think I would have the energy either if I was traveling for 12 hours. I take it yours is not a direct flight. A bit of both really. I like to party but I’m interested in all sorts really. How about you?

My real name is Daton for some strange reason it wouldn’t let me use my real name lol. And I’m male :-). Are you all packed and ready to go?


Hello daton.oooops my guess work was all wrong. Seems like I’m losing it in my old age.
Me, I like a balance however I have to admit that my partying days are over.
SA to amsterdam to berlin. Haven’t started packing- its freezing in here in SA and I just couldn’t pack. Will do so in the morning.
Are u working?studying?


Well going to spend today packing and try to pack as little as possible. So you do have quite a long flight then :-(. How old are you if you don’t mind me asking? Well I’m 25 and I’m starting to have my moments when I forget things, so doesn’t only affect you lol.

I finish studying about 2 years ago, I know work. How about you?


I also work.don’t mind telling u my age, but I, wait for you to see me and guess.
Ill c u tomorro,have a safe flight.