Scandi Express 10th july - 19th july


My names grace and this is my first solo tour on the scandi express starting in berlin , just wondering if anyone else is also on this tour? :slight_smile:


Hey Grace, I’m Kevin. I’m doing the 37 day Red Star Special starting on the 10th of which the Scandi Express is the first part, so I’m guessing we’ll be on the same tour! A few others have posted on the topic for the longer trip if you want to check it out:


Brilliant thanks I’ll check that out


Hi Grace!
It looks like I will be on the Scandi Express tour solo, starting in Berlin too. :slight_smile:
If you will be in Berlin a day early (July 9th), perhaps we can meet up and explore Berlin together!


Hello Ashley , I won’t be in Berlin until the 10th but arrive quite early in the day , perhaps we could explore before the official meet up time